Saturday, January 8, 2011

The phone that could...

This is my first post on my new blog called "Life with Maemo" which is about my Maemo 5 based Nokia N900. Though the blog is called "Life with Maemo" I will be blogging mainly on Maemo 5.

The N900 is a unique device which I simply describe as a "computer with phone functionality". It is great the way Nokia made it to be and is then made even greater by the many linux developers and open source communities who port many great software to the Maemo 5 platform (you can find the mostly concentrated at

I will post random things about the N900 in this blog as I use and experience this wonderful device. That said, I can safely say that I will focus mostly on the few games and security related stuff that I use and experience daily on my N900. I have prepared quite a few things to post here and have slowly been writing articles since October 2010 and will now post them on this blog.

See you in my next post...

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