Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recovering the N900 phone lock code...

If you forgot your phone lock code or bought the N900 second-hand and can't seem to locate the seller to ask for the phone lock code. You can now get the phone lock code quickly without sending your phone to a service center.

Before you can follow the instructions below, you will need to access the N900's terminal shall and be able to access root privileges. This can be done by running the Application Manager and installing an application called "rootsh".

You will also need a tool on your computer (I assume you are using Ubuntu) called "John the Ripper", go to a terminal shell and type:

$ sudo apt-get install -y john

On your N900, go to the terminal shell and type in the following:

$ sudo gainroot

# echo root:$(grep -A 13 lock_code /dev/mtd1|tail -1): > /home/user/MyDocs/phone_lock_hash

This will create a file called "phone_lock_hash" at path /home/user/MyDocs which you will need to transfer to your Ubuntu computer where "John the Ripper" is installed. The easiest way to transfer the file is to use the USB cable provided and plug the N900 to your computer in "Mass storage mode". You will find the file "phone_lock_hash" in the "Nokia N900" storage device.

Once you've copied the file, you can then start brute forcing the password. Again, go into a terminal shell and type:

$ john -i:digits phone_lock_hash

Depending on the length of the password and the speed of the processor used, it can take anywhere from a split second to a few hours to crack the hash. The "-i:digits" tells the tool to only use numerical digits since the phone only accepts numerical input for the password (this speeds up the brute force process).


  1. Thank you - may I just add for the idiots, like me, that you can get the pipe | from the virtual keyboard using Function Cntl, which causes a virtual keyboard to appear on the screen

  2. how can u follow these steps if you can't even access the phone since its already locked? i bought a 2nd hand n900, I accidentally tap "secure device". After that, I can no longer open the phone. What should I do?

  3. dear android...i may b late...yet if of any help...

    just FLASH your phone...that will be it

  4. I created the phone_lock_hash file on the phone and i can see it on the phone but i can not see it from the computer. I am using windows 7 and was recommended to install HASH SUITE. Any help please.....

  5. guyz, my mobile isn't showing the code, instead giving the error, file or path not found if anyone please decode the pass plzzzzz,
    Thankx in Advance. :-)

  6. Hi guy's,,,,,,, help me to decode mine, I got this code:
    If you may, please send the result to
    I bought this phone 2nd hand, and I want to change the lock code with mine, but I didn't know phone number the first owner. Hope you can help me....
    Thank's for advance

  7. root :L5d9NJToIH91A: plz decode this and send me at

  8. root:IGdxoAj6abJh6:
    plz decode this dear bro and send me at

  9. I can not get on the phone and I do not have rootsh application and win 7 on my pc please I need help

  10. hello dears i have buy a 2nd hand fone nokia n900 when i on my fone its saying u need to reboot your devise and cant be connectected to computer plsss tell me how van i reboot this

  11. My hash Code is JELwxFqgoh6zo
    \Plz Decrypt it and mail me at

  12. Facing the same issue. if any one please decode me the code for my handset. and send it to "" pls..

    1. root:9fQOmm//yYJ5c
      After Q, its O for Orange... It not Zero...

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