Sunday, January 9, 2011

Software for the N900...

If you want some commercial software for the N900, you can visit the Ovi store.

If you want open source/community developed software, you can find them at, you can even ask questions or HOWTO tutorials from the community there.

However, if you want some gray area software, you should visit my homepage which hosts some very hard to find software for the N900. At the moment, it has the following:

  • NeoPwn v2 (beta)
  • Packet Injection (wifi) for N900
  • Adobe Flash v10.1 for Maemo5
  • VLC mobile v1.1.5 for Maemo5

If you have access to any other similar software which people cannot fine easily, do let me know and I'll host it as well.


  1. Hey ajack,
    I downloaded the flash plugin, installed, checked permissions to be same as old plugin, run chown to make root owner.
    I go to Adobe's about page and it reports version
    Then I try to run Flash 10.1 content like streetview and others but when I try to interact microB closes down. All is ok when loading content like videos youtube, just when interacting with it (like clicking pause).
    Did you try it? What are your results?

  2. haaa your a brave man tackling the dreaded n900 flash player!

    It's a good start tho.. I'm impressed and so are the others :)

    Keep us up to date :)
    Cheers and thanks

  3. there are NO SEEDERS! cant you uploaded (mirror) these files on megaupload, hotfile, netload, rapidshare.. etc?